Sunday, September 23, 2007


WOOW so yummylicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cos it was prepared by all guys, and dished out 5 plates of it.

1 cut the cucumber, 1 wash the tomatoes, 1 fry the chips,
1 cook the 'yat peck yeh' and 1 fry the I dunno what what.....

see how much work to prepare a meal?

now..... who get top marks for the above job so well done.... ???
dun judge the looks and it was not 'yat peck yeh'
but rather it was the cooks' food of labour, humour and laughter.

Who else can cook? .....




Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why .. ??

My friend said : ...

Why choose me in the first place
I leave with a heavy heart
she has taken a part of me away

No farewell was bid
No goodbye was said
No promises made

If I find my missing pieces
Join and make me whole / complete again

But, I am not wasting my time in uncertainty
I need to control my own destiny

My promise to myself
if she ever contact me in the future
she won't be able to touch my heart of stone


Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Love Dies

Let me tell you a story of my friend :-

How love come
How love go
How love die

In the beginning, he not much feeling
but she very the interested
blow hot hot hot

She chase him from London to KL
fly back many times a year
she chase chase chase

Everyday phone call here, phone call there
few months ago, ask him to go to London
fast fast fast

All her earlier actions aledi make him fall in lup
so he quit work, make all arrangement just to be with her

Just when he is getting ready to leave
Waaaah Sehhhhhh !!!!!

She call to say " i RETURN liao "

Lately, go out with her, she received many calls and
whisper whisper whisper

Hoi !!! What meaning this arrhhh ??

NOW.... looks like roles reversed
he lup her, but she dun lup him so much
at times blow hot, sometimes blow cold

In the meantime, LONDON calls him
dunno wanna go or stay ?
coz she din ask him to do either
just said , " YOU DECIDE lorrrr ...."

My friend decided to let go
as he feels she blowing from hot, then cold and now......
ICY COLD ..... same feel as ...
ai si, go ......... (literally, ` love die, GO...!!! `)


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Feel Good .......

With some expats to Batu Caves

The "Centipede Hill" in Seremban

I saw this in my hotel room. Nothing great compare
to the one in Putrajaya, but FIREWORKS nevetheless.
We " Yaammmm Sennnnnggg" to a better MALAYSIA !!!

After the holidays, i felt much rejuvenated and a sense of THANKFULNESS.

.. am healthy and fine

.. had a good time with family and frens. Very rare
occasion like this, as always, everyone is so buzy

.. back to office and the first thing was a pat on my back.
YES !! i GOT A GOOD REVIEW on my appraisal.

Take a deep breath. YEAH !!!!!