Friday, June 19, 2009


My kakis all asked me, why am I getting so sentimental?


What to do? I been bumping into many ex's lately ,

my ex colleagues, my ex schoolmates, and ex gfs...

especially the ONE.

How can she look so gorgeous even with a kid in tow?

Why is the guy beside her not ME?

I love kids too ma !!!!!!!!


I, now made up my mind. When I get MARRIED ,

I want minimum 5 kids. How about that ??

Okay, now I am going to look for THE ONE after the ONE.

Wish me luck, folks !!!



Monday, June 15, 2009


During the recent holidays, I bumped into an old

friend of mine, Charles. Lookwise he is as macho as

before, except somehow he had lost his cheerful

disposition and replaced by unhappiness.

Charles and Emily were schoolmates. They

became close when they were pursuing the

same course in Australia.

After graduation, back to Malaysia, Emily work

as a Bank executive and became his girlfriend.

Charles got more buzy as after obtaining his

MBA degree, he took charge of of his father's

business as he is the only child.

Both were at their peak in their careers, and had

less time with each another. Emily at the encouragement

of Charles, went back to Australia and took up her

MBA degree. 2 years later, she came back with not only

an outstanding achievement but also a new boyfriend, Eric.

The world is so small. ERIC, CHARLES and EMILY were
once upon time same pre uni-mates.

Over drinks, he told me the above story and at the end

of it i felt maybe his case is like what some chinese people

believe. Previous life, i owe you, now i have to repay it.