Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is one of the rare moments that I actually enjoyed

in msn....

hi gd morning,
HQ calling...

Branch : ya .. no mood morning ~~ what can't I do 4 u ?

HQ: I noticed you put an abbreviation (bra MLK) what it stand for?

Branch : now under the new system only 3 alphabet abbreviations are accepted
you dun know meh?

HQ: I know .. but why MLK? i blur blur and read it as BRA MILK .. HAHAHHA

Branch: bra = branch ; MLK = MELAKA ...OK? (hhmmmpppffff)

HQ: i thought the abbreviation is Mka no meh?

Branch : Wei .. lei born in which era wan hah?
Malacca = MCA (ENG)
that is universal abbrev !! all people know wan lah

HQ: hah ini macam bikin ar? guess I am not one of the all people lor,
but i no like the MLK
please change to another abbrev. can?

Branch : ok , then I change it to
Malacca = MCC ok... OK ?? ... maybe it will help U see better

HQ: haaahhaaaa... ooi dear, now you no need to change la
I just thought of a better suggestion, you can stick to MLK ,
over here we put it aka MALEIKAI ... (that is you !)
as skinny as Missy Olive (popeye's bini)
ADOOOIII.... (bra maleikai).... lol LOL...LOL !!!

Branch: PEK LEI KEK SI ngor !!!!!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010


THis blog becoming a place to vent , well at least for
this instant la...

Today, i encountered what you could say
looks don't match the personality and
the personality not equals to looks wan..

Mr. LUNP (look you no up) came and aiyooo....
so blady arrogrant, that if the BOSS is not there
NOBOBY is around lidtat. He sees no one , with
his nose so high high up in the air.

I bei tahan this type of people wan !!!!!!!!!
Apa la ?? so if you are earning a 5 or 6, 8,9, 10 digits
salary, you are not human ar ?? Small that time
kindergarden teacher, no teach BASIC MANNERS is it ??
(Hope he walk through the glass door and get
BANG !! )

JUst for a spur of that moment for a few minutes,
enough to irritated all of us.

Luckily for us, MR. LUNP is from our sister company
whereas we are in HQ.

Up to date, this is the 5th time he pops in and still
everyone is INVISIBLE ...........

~penny for your thoughts~