Friday, February 16, 2007





To bring more good luck, you must be on the move. Dont stay at
home . This year must be active in visiting. The more you move
the more good luck you will gather and better things
will come your way.

So, if you opt to laze, stay at home eat sleep, watch TV, mahjong,
gamble, glue
to the computer GO FOR A CHANGE !!!! Surprise your
parents and accompany
them on visits to E-mah, KU -jie houses,
make it a MANDATORY task to
break the ice and talk to your
piomei mei, pio ker ker... in other words, to
and it will surely bear fruits and get favourable responses wor....

For assurance and to get double the effect follow the below advice

"ong" directions would be

TUNG ...... for people born in the year of the PIG

oK folks try it out .................
I wish each and everyone of you, Good Health, Lots of Happiness and
Prosperous in the year of the golden boar.

For those who are driving home, or going outstation....
Berhati hati di jalan raya ....

**HAPPY PIGGY 2007 **



Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Let me tell you a story.........

Once upon a time, a young trainee management graduate was
assigned to the Marketing Dept for in-house training. There he met
a young pretty secretary. On Valentine day, she got bouquets and
bouquets of flowers from her many admirers and boyfrens. Then,
to the trainee's astonishment, he noticed that she threw away some
of the bouquets in the rubbish bin at the end of the day.

He thought to himself, I will never send fresh flowers to any gals,
it is just a sheer waste of well earned monies.

As times goes by, this young man met his true love on valentine day.
To celebrate their love and anniversary of the day, he wanna make
it special and declare that she was his tue love, and the trend is that
people say it with flowers... how then ???
aaahh ....... he went on a shopping spree and struggling to find the
most appropriate gift to her........FINALLY, HE FOUND IT ....
it was a stalk of deep red rose made of plastic which came in
a lovely gift box.

It is not that his love was artificial and not real. This gift goes along
with a pledge that their love will not die and go on forever.

Many moons passed until today, this flower is like their everlasting
love - still resting and displayed in their love home.

There it goes..........true love stand the sands of time.

The moral of the story is :
No flowers also nevermind, let's enjoy and celebrate with
Tau Fu Fah also can !!!!!! ....... :)

My special dedication to all those who are in LOvE

All the LOVE in your heart is for the ONE
Your wonderful VALENTINE
Your wonderful SWEETHEART that will surely melt your heart

*enjoy the VALENTINE special countdown tonite *

Cheerios !!



Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Recently, i find that my patience is wearing out.
Ever since i switched over to the new blogger account,
i began to encounter the many problems that were
highlighted by some of the bloggers in the net.
Maybe, now making its round here.

In life, endurance is also put to test again and again.
For instance, going to work ....... exercise great patience in the
lunatic crazy traffic lately.

Being chauffeur to my mum dearest to Petaling Street over the
weekend to get her new year groceries is another 'TEST" of my
patience and my temper almost reached boiling point. You know,
the elderly are very fickle minded. First, she said wanna go to
PUDU market, then when you almost reach there, she changed
her mind and asked to detour to PETALING STREET
coz got more varieties there ! Arrrggghhhh......

To the doc, as i wasn't feeling too good . Down with a nasty flu.
The clinic was so blardy cold and checking in at 8.45am got only
to see the doc at 11.30 am for less then 10 minutes.
No appointment allowed unless for follow up cases.

Then, wanna write a post, but the blogger thingy required user to
shift to new Blogger. Mamamiya !! After doing it, encounter so
many problems. I can't login to blogspot, can't access to other
bloggers blogs as well, errors here and there. Can't access my own
and other blogs to comment.... darn frustrating.

alamak ...... really testing my patience.

i sick and the blog is sot sot dei too
who wants to get the flu? pay a visit my blog .... maybe kena .. KAKAKA



Saturday, February 03, 2007


I bumped into my ex-colleague Chan, and was exchanging
news and catching up with one another, when he informed
me that he is in a dilemma with regard to his relationship with
Tracy, his galfren of 2 years. I had met Tracy last year at
Chan's birthday party.

She is a dominating, aggressive and a great achiever too.
She holds an MBA, and works as an insurance adjuster,
previously a banker.

Smart gal, good talker, is the limelight and socialized well.
Chan further added that he noticed she can talk on any topic
under the sun. Some people just got this gift of the gab.

For instance, first time to his parents' house, not timid and shy
more like very liberal, speak freely and call out to every uncle
and auntie, making small talks to his other relatives who are
practically strangers to her.

Chan said OMG.......... she doesnt give me any space to breathe.
Last Christmas, they went to Hongkong with some friends.
She takes up all the attention, no room for him to talk to others ,
coz before he can speak up.... all being said by her.
How can you explain that kinda feel that even in the company
of your friends you felt as though you are being left out in the cold?

Most importantly, she doesnt make him tick with excitement
when she enter the room. Not that she is unattractive. In fact,
she is pretty, dresses well, live up to all occasions. Many envy Chan
but he feel no spark or yearning , just an acknowledgement that
she is around.

Can this kinda relationship survive?... If now is not getting
better, i doubt it will change if settle down as husband and wife

Chan says that he is thinking of a breakup soon, is that a
good decision or not?