Sunday, April 28, 2013


If a person .....

laughs too much, even at stupid things
he is lonely deep inside

sleeps alot
he is sad

If someone ...

can't cry,
he is weak

eats in a abnormal manner
he is tense

cries on little things
he is innocent and soft hearted

becomes angry over silly or petty things
it means he need love...

(mcc receive this email... **how come i no feel like like tis 1 geh ?? )



A smile can brighten the darkest day
without regrets handle your present with confidence

and face your future without fear.........

(mcc go visit dentist today .. heha...)

It is better to be a tortoise who walks patiently and
enjoying every step of  the way,  rather than to be
a rabbit who runs fast but missing every details
in life....

(mcc walks step by step... instead of running up and
zooming down the stairs )