Thursday, February 21, 2008

CHAP GOH MEH ........ SURE WIN !!!

Dun be surprise, if you find the rivers got polluted with ...*
other than oranges.

(hahaha... this morning i heard from the ladio wan and
going to try it out).

.... * (in Hokkien version)

mok jio tau
kee ang mor lau
(throw stones, build bungalow)

mok kieng jio
tiok bei pio
(throw bananas, kena lottery)

mok peng kor
chua swee bor
(throw apples, got beautiful wife)

where to throw, if cant find a river or lake....
then throw into the swimming pool aso can wan .... KAKAKKA

Okie, going to the 'taman' now, arm with all the above and
challenge all the leangluis at throwing oranges.
They throw just oranges, i throw more varieties than them.

WAH WEEEEEEeee.. who knows suddenly I am blessed
with all of the above.....HAPPIEST looooooooooooorrr...

GOOD LUCK ! everybodi !!



Saturday, February 16, 2008


This morning after washing my car, I took my breakfast.
After i pan leang jai already, whistling and getting my
car started "POp, SPLAT" ....... a pool of bird shit
landed on my front windscreen on the right side.

Oh Noooo... i just had by car cleaned spotty and shinny.
I got out and wiped it off. Ok now nice and smarty again.

I went back, and start my car and was looking for a nice CD
to play then i witnessed "pOp pOpP.. splat splat splat"
another pool of bigger bird shit landed on my front windscreen
again, ..........this time on the left side.

APA Leh............ HOI ..... WHAT THE BIRDS UP TO ???
Since it's new year and i am still in my lovely dovey
valentine mood , keeping my patience in tact, I got up and
cleaned it up again.

Huh??? what does that signify??? ...
The birds are having "cheng yat jit" up on the trees or what ?
I looked up , saw a few birds circling around the trees.


is it the "choy san yeh" indicating to me to bang on 4D today.
What number is bird ar??? how about "bird shit"" ???




Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ooooooh FEBRUARY 2008 .....

I love February, the month with the least days
After my 10 days of holidays
yesterday was HOi Kung day
Today is yan yan birthday
and also lou sang day
Tomorrow is a verli laaaaam day
Next comes a beautiful Sunday

Before you knew it, it's Chap Goh Mei day
another big makan feast with yummy food day
merry days more then workdays
blink blink it's alredi pay day




Sunday, February 03, 2008


Gong Xi Fa Cai

For all the singles going on dates on CNY and
Valentine's Day, here are some compatible tips

Rat - some hindrance and obstructions.
Most compatible with : Dragon Monkey.

- shinning star, auspicious way ahead
Most compatible with : Rat Snake Rooster

Tiger - Got to believe in yourself then you'll win
Most compatible with : Horse Dragon Dog.

Rabbit - You will shine in love and romance
Most compatible with : Goat Dog Pig.

Dragon - good opportunity, wealth and prosperity

Most compatible with : Rat Snake Moneky Rooster

Snake - a defensive year... practise patience

Most compatible with : Bull Rooster

Horse - High alert mode. Talk less and do more

Most compatible with : Tiger Dog Goat

Sheep - Full achievements, excellent performance

Most compatible with : Rabbit Pig Horse

Monkey - some obstacles in career, dont gamble and invest
Most compatible with : Dragon Rat

Rooster - great performance in career, love and $$$
Most compatible with : Bull Snake Dragon

Dog - good protection of auspicious star
Most compatible with : Horse Tiger Rabbit

Boar - Good fortune but beware of gossip
Most compatible with : Rabbit Goat

Now gals and guys, GO, GO, GO ..... go all out and
GRAB your lucky partner


Cheers !!!