Wednesday, August 30, 2006


("Mirror" tagged me on this ... i just 'hentam' lah....
pls dun puke ok? .....)

Satu blogger bernama Ah Pek dari PD
Orang ini sangat berbakat tinggi
memulakan membuat 'meme' untuk kemerdekaan puisi
dan memberi semangat bloggers di blogsphere di sini

Wahai semua yang menghadiri
kita wajar memahami erti kemerdekaan ini
dari hasil titik peluh nenek moyang kami
untuk mencapai kemerdekaan hari ini

Oleh itu, janganlah berputus asa kini
bersikap positif berinovasi
supaya masa depan ceria, yang akan kita hadapi

Marilah berbilang kaum, semua rakyat Malaysia
Sejahtera aman damai sentosa
Kita berganding bahu dan merayakan Hari Merdeka bersama
sematkan semangat 'MALAYSIA BOLEH' di hati sentiasa

Kibarkan jalur gemilang setinggi tinggi
Hayatilah Hari Merdeka-49 ini
Luahkanlah perasaan hati
sekuat hati
Ini adalah tanah air yang kita cintai

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today I met some of my buddies over lunch cum karaoke
and I have been hearing many are getting married, some are
contemplating marriage, being proposed to .... and that leads
me to question them, "How do you know that he or she is
THE ONE for you? "

hahaa... the replies i got were very amusing

1) he cant resist this ideal, super, gorgeous gal
2) he wanna to have a family, enuf of 'fooling' around and
is getting serious
3) he found that she is the other half , they just clicked
so well
4) when she is around, his senses are tingling and alive
5) she is an angel in disguise, coz' she nurse his once broken
heart and teach him to love again

1) he is her "ROMEO" that she finally got to know
2) she can't be seperated from him .. making her heart so
"lor lor luen." He provide her with security, warmth
encouragements and hopes.
3) she craves for long term relationship and appreciate the
moments of togetherness, want a healthy relationship
of substance
4) she doesnt want to miss the boat, just heed the calling of her heart

Waaah... buddies, you all "hai tuck geh !!! " Half the time, I
am so MCC , dont know what i want myself. It is not i cant
make up my mind, but just that i like to have some options....
neverending ones... until the day i said "I DO" and that
will be another chapter in my life altogether.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Got a regional meeting in KL and I finally get to meet the wife of
Mike, the KK branch manager. This guy is a regular visitor to my
office and I heard from my colleagues that he and his wife are very

I noticed this fact too when I saw them together. Being curious,
I asked Mike to tell me his love story.

he got married at the age of 25, with the blessings of
his parents and now have 2 kids.

i asked him how he maintain to be lovey dovey
after being married for so long

to my surprise, he replied "he fell deeply
in love after he got married"

"huh ??"

"yes, that is true.... when i got married i think
it was more out of filial piety, the reason at that time
was my dad was very sick ... the fortune teller said
need to 'chung hei' so that my dad will get better...."

he liked her, she is presentable and a v good
obedient gal.

"love gradually seeped in only after my marriage"
we have been through tough times, i was once badly hit
during the slump of the stock market, she was my pillar
of strength and helped me to rebuild my confidence.
Moreover, she is a good mother to our children. In fact,
when i was rebuilding my business i neglected my
family, but she is patient and tolerant and never even
complain about anything. I oso dun know when but
the great thing is gradually i realise i have fallen in love
with her."

WOW... some kind of a love story.
I am indeed touched by his revelations
and I have a deep respect for this humble
and simple lady beside him.

Cheers ! Mike ... to true love. Who says it doesn't exist?

Friday, August 18, 2006


Teacher : I hear that you live close to the river
and yet you never learn to swim.

Jack : What's so strange about that?

You're surrounded by air, yet you cant fly.


One day, the teacher asked Peter, "how much is
four minus four?" Peter was tongue-tied.

The teacher got angry and said, "If I put four coins
in your pocket, but there is a hole in your pocket
all of them leak out, what is left in your pocket?"

"The hole," replied Peter


A geography teacher once told her class, " The moon is
so large that several million people could live there"

One boy started laughing. "Teacher, then it is sure to be
overcrowded, when it is a crescent moon "


"What happened to all those apple pies? I told you that
you couldnt have one and now there's only one left."

"That's the one I havent had, Mum."


Henry was given 2 apples, a small one and a large one,
by his mum. "Share them them with your sister," she said

So Henry gave the small one to his little sister and started
tucking into the large one

"Kor!" said his sister. "If mum had given them to me, I'd
have given you the large one and had the small one myself."

"Well," said Henry, " that is RITE !! , ... anyway, I am
the big kor kor, so get the large apple "


Have a good weekend everyone !

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Late nite, during dinner session with Ben, my cousin
and family, they were narrating their experience on some
of their ghostly encounters.

Ben went to Genting with his family some years ago. It was a
big gathering of about 5 families , with a total of 25 people.

They booked a 3 apartment suite with connecting rooms. It was
a DIY outing, so cooking utensils, and macam macam food were
brought along.

After the day activites and makan session, the ladies fought in the
kitchen as got many cooks who wanted to vie to impress the others
with their culinary skills.

Come nite, when the kids are asleep, some ventured out to the
casino and other entertainments.

Scene 1
Alice (Ben's wife) stayed behind to look after the kids; Ben brought
his parents to the casino, informed not to wait for the door, he will
bring along the keys and maybe back late. But Alice said she was
sleeping and was awaken by the sound of like someone knocking
at the door. Thinking that they might have forgotten to bring the
keys, she opened the door but didn't see anyone and so she went
back to sleep again. Ben was in the other room already fast asleep
as his mum not feeling well and they came back early

Scene 2
Ben's aunt complaining she was freezing cold and snooze deeper
under the bedsheets, even though she had closed all the windows.
But uncle pointed out when he came back from the casino,
the room was indeed freezing cold and he was wondering
why all the windows were wide opened.

Scene 3
Ben's 3rd uncle said he went to bed early as he want to jog early in the
morning. Had a lovely dream, but when daylight comes felt
goose bumps ley He was comfortable, nice and warm in bed with a
woman with long soft silky hair. Cant remember her face, but he was
enjoying stroking it thinking it was his wife. He only realised in the
morning that his wife has short hair.
eEEERRIIIEEEKKKK... THEN who was he stroking and feeling so laam
with in nite huh .. hUH??

Scene 4
Ben's cousin too claimed that they heard background, like someone in
the kitchen preparing food. Kinggg.. koinkkk.. water sound, chopping
board sound.. thinking their mum preparing nice breakfast, but
no breakfast was laid on the table next morning, as the breakfast
came as complimentary with the room charges.
What was the sound so noisy in the kitchen then?

Scene 5
Pri, the maid added that she heard people like comes in an out
Door slamming and murmuring of voices last nite. But strangely,
nobody came back later then 2 am. All were already in bed.

Next morning after the feedbacks , everyone were feeling
rather uneasy and checked out of the hotel. Cut short the trip
which was supposely to be a 3 days 2 nites stay.

After hearing all those strange happenings, I think ghosts do exist,
but they do not harm humans, unless got problems.
Hahaha... summore I will be in Genting this coming weekend.
What a coincidence! On second thought, no i think , Ben purposely
wanna to scare me.

Friday, August 11, 2006


This conversation took place on one weekend over tea at
my aunt's house.

Alan : Mum, I want to get married

Aunt : (instead of jumping with joy, she sighed and asked)
So, which one you decided now ........ susu or kopi?
(meaning the fair or the tanned galpren)

Alan : Mum, you alredi know mah........ i suka kopi but you
want me to take susu

Aunt : and i also told you son, I dun like kopi-O
color cucu

Alan : Mum..... not necessary so lah..... look look lah ...
your son so fair can give you fair ones ley

Aunt : what if all dark and chocolate like tat ?....
i dun like. Son, listen to me lah..... susu nice for you,
will have fair lovely children. Sumore, susu is in the
corporate field, she later can assist you in your

Alan : Mum i dun want a "lui keong yan" . I just need

a wife. Kopi is a teacher, she will be a good mum.
She will
be a good role model leh

Aunt : yeah, yeah....... but i dun think she can fit in your
business world lah son. Take my advice, if you want to
marry, choose susu.

Alan : (seeing his mum is not going to relent, *sigh* ........)
I go and take my shower lah

Aunt : woi ! woi !! .... so so how ...? which one ???

Alan : (patting his Mum's shoulder)
I will just leave it to fate lah. See who get pregnant first lor

Aunt : What??? pregnant? what is this world becoming??

Alan : (pausing at the bottom step of the staircase)
BE REALISTIC lah mum ! It is the 21ST CENTURY !!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Looking back, i was guilty as charged by many as
being so greedy that is why i am having a bad cough
and now getting worst liddat.... from hoarse, croaky
to almost got no voice liao.

i did a quick analysis, and in my own defence i still felt that
when i opened the fridge and saw nice, smooth white
'naked' rambutans, I just couldnt resist the temptations.
After the first bite, so sweet and juicy whacked all up.

Aiiiyaah.... if only, they were just 'hairy' rambutans, i wouldnt
have taken it, in the first place.

Now in need of TLC .....

Monday, August 07, 2006


The previous week, I was driving to Malacca to attend my
colleague's wedding, coz we were so buzily chatting I omitted
the turning to Malacca and got straight to the highway
Next, noticed that the petrol level almost to "E" and
I was in the dark as to how long before we can get a "U" turn
back. Therefore, we have to drive slow and off the air-cond
in order not to consume so much petrol - darned sunny and hot.

No "U" turn all the way and the next turning was in Muar. Oh gosh...
i have not been to this town before like an alien town to us.
We managed to find our way to town and found the petrol station.
Next to the station, got lots of fruit stalls. Therefore, we ended up
buying several kilos of rambutans and durians for relatives and
friends since we are alredi there, and the price was comparatively
much cheaper. Sample some of the durians after the dinner,
it was good value for money.

The next day back in KL went out to dinner with my kakis, must be
the ajinomoto making me so thirsty and I opened the fridge to get a
cold drink but saw a large bowl of chilled rambutans all peeled. I
took the drink plus the rambutans and sat down in front of the TV
and whacked all of it. It was 11.30pm at nite, sleepy and went straight
to bed. Chiam liao .... next morning i woke up and found my voice as
hoarse as Rod Stewart.

Cha cha called this afternoon and heard my croaky sexy voice and
bad cough. She asked me what I have been eating or drinking. I told
her of the above and she said i was greedy to take the rambutans
but i dun think so ......... just that the rambutans are so irresistible
but she insisted that it was greed.

so tell me... am I being greedy or simply i cant resist temptation?


Today damed sienzzzz..... Monday, super blue !!!
My mind is absolutely blank. Attended the weekly
roundup meeting this morning, but not a single word
and matters discussed registered in my mind.

Maybe it's coz over the couple of days, I was down with
a bad cough and flu. Didnt slept well, these few nights.
Or is it due to the weather? hot with intermittent rains
and look hazy this morning too.

I could have called it a day, and take the rest of the day off.
But, it wouldnt help. Just this kind of feeling I am having.

*sigh......... * hope sienzzz days, bluesssss... quicky go away.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Lately so many of my kawan got hit with the "love bug" -
all having luv problems and banging their heads against the wall.

1) I lup you, you lup me.. but your parents dun like me???
[how ley?]

2) I am susu (fair), you are kopi (tan), nanti bikin baby kopi susu
[mum said "ng tak wor"]

3) I powdeerful next step to CEO, you a MBA high flyer
[having too many fireworks.... heading toward PHD lor]

4) I so young (26), you so old (39) , can meh?
[ family objection, cos 13 unlucky number. how how??]

5) You day nite oso busy, always no time
one week oso cant see you one time
[ damn frust wan ley .....!!!]

6) We luv so deep, but the distance is oceans apart -
can see, hear but cannot touch
[ too beh tahan ..........can die liddat ...!! ]

7) My surname Chan, yours Tan
but in Chinese both having same surname (TAN)
[OBJECTION ! OBJECTIONS! echo both our families]

8) I luv you but you sudah kahwin alredi
[how long do I have to wait for you ?]

9) I luv you, but you so possessive, check on me
every second, minute and hour of the day...
you just like my shadow.
[ help!!!... too much love suffocating me.... ...]

10) I am poor , you are richman daughter
[can this kinda love survive? ]

How to love liddat? (always aiyaya ...... instead of hahaha)
No wonder status remain as SINGLES