Thursday, January 24, 2008

What love need ?

7 early 8 early in the office, Jimmy the sales rep.
went BI LI PA LA in the pantry as he can't get
over his breakup with his gal.

He was talking so loudly with Susan, one of our
marketing personnel. As I was driving home this
evening and going thru' the slower than the snail
traffic, their conversation played back in my mind
and this caption was rather amusing ..........

Susan : C'mon laa..... Jimmy, IF you think she does not
understand you, you probably are right. When it comes
to relationship men have very different needs from women,
so different that they speak in their own language.

Most of the time men can't get enough sex wan laaaaa
and women on the other hand can' t get enough of love.
Take a look at what you need first and she wants
from a relationship before you jump into one.

Jimmy : OK, you so smart, tell me what U women
want then ar ??????

Susan : Women harrrr ........ all wants a deep fulfilling
relationship with a man who understand and accepts
her and her feelings; She wants more intimacy,
affection, commitment, respect and companionship;
She wants him to express his feelings ; she wants
her man to be romantic and want a satisfying lovemaking.

but then MEN ... all want to be loved, but
in a different ways from women, best is expressing love
through sex , comfortable by being a provider and
just being together with no strings attached !!!!!

Aiyoh yoooh .. Cham lorr !!! ... I thought to myself .
Another failure in relationship coz she put romance
above everything, and he just need one simple need
that is SEX !!!!!!!! and MORE, MORE and MORE SEX.

luckily not all men are like Jimmy la....


Monday, January 14, 2008

IN Memory of ..........

This year no new year celebrations for me.
In a matter of a week, I lost 2 loved ones.
My uncle and grandpa. Life is so unpredictable
and so fragile at times. They are gone and no return.

When I remembered those times we shared, the many
Chinese New Years' family get together, many "yum seng"
on many happy occasions and chats we shared
makes me very sad indeed.

" Beloved grandpa and uncle,
May you Rest in Peace.
You both
will always hold a special place in my heart........... "



Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Wishing 2008 brings lots of
Blessings and May All your
Wishes come true !!!

Yummmm Sennnggggg!!!!!!!!