Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hi Doc !

Past week, i fell sick...
My rare visit to my family friendly doc, had a long
lecture of taking care of my health worr...

1) Breakfast
I normally have a quick bite at the local mamak down
the road from my office before going in to work...
my favourites are a packet of nasi lemak or roti canai
washed it down with tea tarik or nescafe.
Doc : Did you know that nasi lemak or roti canai are one
of the most unhealthy food to indulge in ? you should have
it replaced with milk , or take oatmeals and high fibre bread.

2) Lunch
As we can phone to order our lunch from the nearby
kopitiam, for me would be fried rice, roast pork rice
or mixed rice.... i not fussy when comes to food.
Doc: Variety is of utmost importance. Instead of staying
cooped up in your office, take a drive or a walk for new
place to eat. Lunch break is to re-energise yourself for
another 4 or more hours block of work.

3) Dinner
Usually after work , when out with friends is the best
time to indulge and be merry in new restaurant or
fast food chains or gluttons corner.
Doc: Try to avoid Western dishes, since most of the
food portions are large.
Avoid 'crispy' or ' crunchy' on the menu. That means
the item was fried in fat. Terms like 'creamy' ,
or 'braised' have hidden calories too.

also try to avoid supper . At night, your body does not

need much energy, so anything extra that you eat,
the body stores as fat.

Me: waaah d0C........ life damn sienzzz lidat lorr.....
Tis cannot eat .... AND Tat cannot take ... !!!

Doc: Moderation is everything. After all the food
you consume in the day is needed to pull you through
the day.

Remember that how you take care of yourself

is like how you take care of your car. In the long run
the good engine car last longer, otherwise it will
soon be overhauled

Me: Ok , okie doc, ... thank you la..
but, that nite i join my buddies for hokkien mee,
lobak, satay, fried oyster, ikan bakar for dinner and
then adjourned to karaoke with beer together with chips.



Saturday, May 10, 2008


A man joined a big Multi National Company as a trainee...
on his first day, he dialled the kitchen and shouted into the phone:
"Get me a cup of coffee, quickly ! "
The voice from the other side responded:
"You fool !!... you have dialled the wrong extension ! Do you
know who you are talking to ? "
"No" replied the trainee
"It's the Managing Director of the Company, you idiot ! "
The trainee shouted back : " And do you know who YOU are
talking to, you IDIOT ? "
"No ! " replied the Managing Director angrily
"Thank God ! " replied the trainee and put down the phone.



Thursday, May 01, 2008


Prospective employer to Applicant : " So why did you leave
your previous job?
Applicant : "The company relocated and they did not tell me where!"

Wife : " Sir, I would like to call on my husband who left me and
brought all our five kids with him "
Radio Host : 'OK, go ahead ! '
Wife : " Sweetheart, Please return back all the kids, actually only
one of them is yours."

Hello! I am here again. My mind is all muddled up. I just want to ask
something. I know that you will be able to help me out.
Is BIRDS FLU the past tense of BIRDS FLY?

1st nite grandma wore a see-thru dress, granpa didn't react ...
2nd nite grandma wore t-back, grandpa still didn't react ...
3rd nite grandma all naked, grandpa said "What is that you
are wearing, it's all crumpled !"

Wife: It's a miracle! You came home early
Husband: I just obeyed what my boss told me to do.
He said ; ' GO TO HELL' , that's why i came home early.

Quote of the day :
Why are we suffering labour pains (income tax deadlines) on
the eve of labour day?

~~ Happy Labour Day ~~