Wednesday, March 21, 2007


TAKE A BREAK .............. got to eat lots AND lots of kit kat
to release the STRESS !!!!!!!

Felt very hard pressed lately. Work is taking alot of
my time, upgraded to new systems but met with
many teething and fine tuning problems.

Recently, grandpa's health not very good and i was
assigned as official "chauffeur" to make quite
frequent weekend trips down south.

At night, as soon as my head touches my pillow,
i am totally knocked-out, dead tired man.

Work and family come first. So I'm taking leave
from my blog for a while.

Now you see me...... next you don't
You'll see me again.... sure and not won't!!

Happy blogging everyone!!



Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some of the encounters, i had with kids during chinese new year .

Ming Hui : The teacher said that our ancestors had no tv, no cars
no computer games and no telephones. I was wondering
how could they survived?

Ming Zhi : That's why they're already dead !

Aunt : Can you put these fruits in a place where nobody can reach?
Lily : okay, mom. Then I will put the fruits inside my stomach.

Mum : You are 8 now. Happy Birthday to you.
Son : ghee... Thanks !! Mum.
Mum : Here is your birthday cake. Let's put 8 candles on it , OK?
Son : Mum, I would rather have 8 cakes and one candle.

Dad : Son, let's do some revision
one minus one equals how much ?
Son : equals zero
Dad : OK ... How about two minus two then?
Son : equals two zeros

Uncle : This ABC soup is my favourite, it so good !
Lily : why uncle , you an adult also like this soup one?
Uncle : huh ???
Lily : This is KINDERGARDEN SOUP , mah ...
that's why is call A B C , and ... it is for KIDS !!!



Sunday, March 04, 2007


i received an SMS this morning from FRANCIS .....

"Mr. Teok family will soon dropby my place
when they arrived, I will request them to
visit you too !
They are : Mr. Teok Beh Peo, Teok Tuah Cai,
Teok 4D and his lovely wife Tiam Tiam Teok !!

Sure enough, they came .....

and guess what ??? ........ I had a $$$ CHAP GOH MEH'S
angpow from them.