Saturday, May 09, 2015


Catchy radio remarks I came across the other day,
rather then let it pass... why not pen it here as a reference

10 ways of maintaining a good relationship

1)  Praise   ...  ( it makes a person feel good and be connected)
                        you be a "small woman"  so that  he feels
                        like a "big man" and be needed.        
2)  Hold hands ...  (touch is a sensitive act of communication)

3)  Goodbye kiss  ... (this will linger on for the entire day....
                                  boast you up morally)

4)  Thank You ..  (say this as often ...  it gives good "chi")

5)  Same time ...  (be it lunch, dinner or anytime  ...
                             this is a good bonding)

6) Do housework together ...  ( this is sharing virtue)

7)  Spread toothpaste .... (personal touch that will be noted /felt by)

8)  Breakfast .. (having it together,bring contentment and good start of the day)

9)  Change bedsheet ...  ( bedsheet  design and colours will affect one's mood)
                                       see how kids jump on to their new latest cartoon bedsheet

10)  Sweet nothings ...  (this never fails anyone...)

C h e e r io s !!!