Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Losing one's voice is such a scary thing.
I woke up one morning, and called out
but no sound totally no voice
ARRRGGGHHHH... what happen, what had gone wrong?
must be the two icy ribena I took before I pop into bed

I called office to inform of my absence, just to have
the line cut off by my usual babbling receptionist

Oh gosh, I tried on the direct line, also receive
the same treatment to have my line disconnect
right away by my colleague.

Next I called the leang lui secretary just to
get a stern warning dun kau kau chan (dun play play)
she thought was an obscene call,
I laughed and felt anguish at the same time,
then I sms her and she called me to verify,
apologised and also laughing her head off....

That was three days ago, today I was back in the
office, and to my surprise the leang leang lui
secretary confide to me that she is tendering her
resignation soon, and intend to leave us
before X'mas.

She is leaving for greener pasture, I should be
happy for her, but somehow we have a close
work rapport that her resignation was a surprise
as well as I find it difficult to let go.

She was the first person I met, when I came for
my interview and had been friendly and
helpful. Introduced me to the rest of my braddy
bunch in the office.

Eventually, everyone will be sad to hear the news that she is
leaving. Perhaps, all of us have accustomed to her face.
Her leaving will definately leave a void in the office.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Birthday to ME .......

i had fever on the eve
and a dizzy head today

accompanied by flu
dry itchy throat, watery eyes
and red nose

cant go out to celebrate and
the rain added on to my
dampened spirit

then .. diiittiiii dit titiiiii.... sms
birthday greetings came in
and help to make MY day

a happier one ....... :P