Friday, April 23, 2010


While makaning at the wai sek kai in SS2 at lunch today
2 leang lui came to share our table.

At first, Miss A came from the economy rice section
with only just a small portion of broccoli, taufu and a piece
of fried egg and Miss B with a bowl of cold leng chee kang.

Wah !!!...ll eat so little, dunno fill which part of the stomach likedat
(~~~ me and my kaki were thinking~~~)

Thim chee, 10 minutes later came a big plate of
sweet sour pork rice for Miss A, and followed by
Miss B's order of chee cheong fan of RM6.80 AND

Suddenly, my wantan mee's portion looks like chicken feed,
and my buddy's Penang char keow teow like diet's portion.

move over Siao Jeh, here come Tar Jeh !!