Sunday, June 24, 2007


I am having a drought, since the doc orders I have to
refrain from KOpi_0, Milo... , Tea_0, etcetera, etcetera.....

I been having withdrawal symptoms.....
I think I want to change my name to DREAMO

with Dreamie ...... I tends to be dreamy most of the time
but DREAMO I get to dream more and more .....
and also sounds more MACHO hor ? hor ? hor ?



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Take A Break .....

Have to take a break from blogging, lots of catching up to do.
Got assigned new undertakings and projects to finalize for the
third quarter of the year.

Healthwise, not favourable. Got a bad round of flu, followed by
fever off and on , since last Wednesday.
First time, i experience migraine attack and gosh..... feeling so shitty.

Under doc's order into strict diet of oat meals and light food.
No milo, kopi and tea.
No spicy, oily, fried and chillies stuffs
No cold drinks and beer.

The weather changes also unpredictable. One moment so blinking hot
and next it rained non-stop.

For the time being, going to take things one at a time....
take a break from gym, blogging and net surfing.
take a break from mamak sessions and yam cha
take a break from karoke and nite life

back to school momentum.....
sleep early and rise early .....
more rest and relax

Till then....................ADIOS !!!


Thursday, June 07, 2007


Had been out of the blogosphere world for awhile. Had a hectic time
recently. Down to Singapore for HR workshop back to KL and off to
Pulau Pangkor for my Company's trip.

Before I could unwind, some family members arranged for the school
holidays to Kuantan to visit the turtles sanctuary and the lovely
beaches there.

Journey back home was tiring. Spent long hours driving all the way
from Cherating to KL , rest for few hours and then adjourned to
sent some of my relatives back to Johor.

Now nursing a throbbing headache, nasty flu and body aching all over.

Holidays are meant to be rest and relax, but mine was an exceptional
one. Suddenly, my schedule was so jammed packed with so many
activities but guess the experiences and quality time spent with the
family made it all worthwhile.



Friday, June 01, 2007


The course trainer said : -

to laugh often and love much
to win the respect people
to earn the approval of honest critics
and endure the unfair portrayal of the misguided

to appreciate beauty
to find the best in others
to give of one's self without
the slightest thought of return

to have accomplished a task
and earn silent appreciation
to have played and worked with
enthusiasm and helped with no hesitation

to know that we have made this world a better place
and made one more life smiled easier

if we have managed to do this, we have, if we may use the word

True anot? so difficult likedat to accomplish !!
I think, I'll just stick to being as ordinary ,
errrrmmm ....... or better still moongchacha.