Saturday, April 28, 2007


Interesting conversations I had/heard :-

Our advices to UN 5 :
WE: Uncle look further, there is a saying ;

Three-ring circus
They say marriage is a 3-ring circus
* engagement ring
* wedding ring
* suffering

UN 5 ... no lah, Marriage Ring means Happy Ending !!

In the office:
Clean Mind
Question: Whose mind is cleaner? A man's mind or a woman's
Answer : A woman's mind is cleaner coz she changes it all the time.

Question: Where is the best tourist spot in Malaysia ?
Taiwanese : Oh.. No NO NO.... that one 'Kern Ting Hai Ren'

At home :
Give an Inch
Give Mum an inch, and the whole family has to go on a diet.

At home :
Big Bad Wolf
A man works hard to keep the wolf from the door. Then his
daughter grows up and brings one home.

At home :
The only people who listen to both sides of a family quarrel
are your next door neighbours.

Uncle Chong conversation with her maid (Pri /Prick) :
Tak payah
she heard what Papaya ?

Apa pasak?
she heard apa nak masak ?

Uncle Chong give up, ok
Buka api , nak hujan dah gelap
BUKA API ????? ... nanti bakar
buka lampu ke ? Pak ?




Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My family members came home from Canton, last weekend.

5th Uncle (UN 5) gave a big announcement and caught everyone
by surprise. He got a marriage proposal from one of the village girl.
OMG..... and he is even contemplating of going to marry her, despite
the unanimous opposition.

UN 5, is already in his early fifties, works in a factory as a Supervisor.
Thought, he had no more chemistry until he met this Ah Ying.
She works in the farm and does home handicrafts for a living
and have dreams of living in the city.

On the eve, of his departure she proposes to UN 5,
for marriage and would wait for his good news.

UN 5 is attracted to her, talk to the family and is serious
consideration of marrying her. ALAS ... what ???
All in, a 12 days romance. Malaysia Boleh concept har ?

WOW !!! ... if this is going to happen, I bet there will be a
sequel to it. Chapter 1, 2, 3 ...... and so forth.

Dunno whether this is happy news or not, but for the time
being, everyone are having HEADACHES.......



Saturday, April 07, 2007


count your Blessings instead of your crosses,
count your gains and not your losses,

count your joys instead of your woes,
count your friends and not your foes,

count your best years instead of your lean,
count your good deeds and not your mean,

count your courage and not your fears,
count your laughs instead of your tears,

count on your health instead of your wealth,
count on GOD and not on yourself.



Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Yesterday, a team of 6 members of the family left for
Canton, China for "Ching Ming" (CM).

I joined them for breakfast, prior to their departure
and while having the "dim sim" ......

3rd Uncle : Do you think, we need to buy some of those
joss sticks and prayers stuffs for CM prayers over in China?

3rd Aunt : No need kua.... all the luggage already been
packed nicely, veli troublesome if to re-pack it

Eldest Aunt : No wor.... I think better buy some.
The last time, the CM prayers' stuffs brought from
there not so good quality geh.

(Heavy debate on the topic amongst the round table
of 12 people, finally discussion were made. 8 vs 4.
Majority wins. )

They detoured to get CM stuffs, inclusive of
joss sticks and candles and paper monies
lots of it, in various denominations.

In the car, heading to the airport

cousin : Wuah ... you all having so much $$$$$$...
How you going to declare the type of currencies
and the big amount you bring out of Malaysia ???
and if spot check on the luggage finding all
these "prayer stuffs"?

Uncle : No worries wan...
we cross the bridge when it comes !!
maybe what we see, they dont see leh.

True to uncle's words, in the evening, i received
an SMS from him saying no hussle, things went smoothly
and they have safely arrived in Canton.