Thursday, October 26, 2006

WHAT AM I ? ........ SEQUEL

The email answers were :

1) Moon - the one you miss

2) Sky - the one that you want to share problems with

3) Sand - the one that you won't care

4) Snow - the one that you love most

5) Road - the one you hate

6) Water - your best pal

7) Fire - dream lover

But then, when it comes to Moong Cha Cha , interpretations
always no same geh ....

1) Moon - dark and mysterious

2) Sky - very adaptable , wide like the sky

3) Sand - changing faces of characters

4) Snow - cold person

5) Road - risk taker

6) Water - poh pui (precious - in cantonese)

7) Fire - hot temper

I think i am best akin to SKY, as i am moongchacha got to
adapt to planet earth. kakakakaka.....
see here.....

Monday, October 23, 2006


Lengjai kor kor/di di, Lenglui mei mei/jie jie, and all the
beautiful people reading this.....

Got a riddle from an email. Hahaha... MCC can 'baca'...

Anyone wanna join in? jUST answer according to your
feel and candid assumption.

Here goes.......

Which word will you use on me?
Choose one only, and why.


2) SKY






Explanation of answer will be given after you reply.

Now, isn't that easy? Kakakaa........

Friday, October 20, 2006


Francis : Hi, Happy two new years!

Me: Woh ! This is one greeting I have not heard of.

Francis : Ya lah Bro. Two new years in a week
Yahoo ! The horny days are back !!! Celebration times !!!
I wish you twice wiser, twice lengchai , twice blessing.

Me : *wide grins *

Francis : I wish you double fatt fook, double jump in your
salary and double happiness.

Here comes Deepavali, everyone is happy,
Then comes Hari Raya, everyone is merry. ***

Happy holidays too for others who are here, balik kampung or bercuti
'Berhati hati di jalanraya' & have good fun and joy with your loved ones.

Cheers !!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A conversation during a family gathering over the weekend:-

Aunty Pao : Why you keep stirring the pot of red bean tongsui
so troublesome ..... just let it be laa..

Aunty Ng : Ok, if tat is what you want, I shall do no further.

Eric called out to his mum (aunty pao)
Eric: Mum, I am going down town to pick up my wife , you take
good care of my favourite tongsui for me, ok? I can't wait to
wallop when I get back.

Aunty Pao : Ok ! no problem..... small matter !

Left alone, the two aunties went to have a coffee break
chatting about their kids, health, weather, the rising
cost of living .. bla bla bla .....


Aunty Ng : sniff sniff... Pao Pao ... what is that burning smell ???

Aunty Pao : Oh Gosh !!! the hoong tau sui !!!!!! AIYAyayaya...

she quicky ran to the kitchen.... the red bean was all burnt and stuck
like a thick paste at the bottom of the pot.

Both of them wanted to cover up, so they transferred the
contents to another pot. Added more water, pandan leaves,
gula melaka ... and added in sago for creamy and smooth touch.

TADaaa !! ... when Eric came home

Eric: Mum how is the red bean tongsui ?

Aunty Pao : ermmm.. ok ledi.. we enhanced the flavour...
now very smooth, creamy and nice

Eric : helping himself to it.
Both aunties stared at him so hard.
Eric, after the third spoonful
It is nice .... but ...arrr.... take another sip slowly come got a slight burn smell geh?

Aunty Pao : " got meh ....? "

Eric : looking at his mum ..( guessed something wrong
coz their expression is a dead giveaway ) .. continue saying,
"but THIS IS NICE... HO SIK !! GOOD !! got this little
kinda smell so it must be the beans are well cooked."

Both aunties : couldnt suppress their laughter
.. HAHAHA...... KAKAKA !!!!

Aunty Pao : "Opps... I am sorry dear. It was me. I stopped
Aunty Ng from stirring, then followed by our coffee break.
Both of us got carried away chit chatting and forgot
about it. Moreover, I didn't know that your set of
expensive steel pots heat up so fast.

Eric : Never mind la! ..mummy dearest. I sort of expected
that you will burn them lor, so I intended to present it to you.
Maybe, shouldn't have asked you two to jaga the pot for
me, coz both your names combined is ....NG PAO!!! ...

These two aunties, when they get together... sure got lots of
funny things happen wan !!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


During dinner , Francis who just got back from his
kampung , Malacca shared this funny episode with me.

me: How was your balik kampung trip, good anot?

Francis : Ayoii you no believe la .. what I encountered.
I went back to my hometown Malacca, near the beach
with Christine, Danny and Jessica.

As soon as we arrived, we soon jump into the sea and swim.
Damn syiok the water and was having some water sports.

Back to our rest area later and OMG guess what we saw?

A whole bunch of monkeys came from nowhere attacking our
food..... all the canned food stuff were scattered everywhere,
all in a blardy mess.

Danny: "Gosh, my handphone......"

Before he can 'shh' off the monkey who was hovering his shirt
and pants, it ran away quickly and swing up to the tree.

Halfway it paused and look at Danny. Danny was trying hard to
charm the monkey to let go of his handphone but instead
the monkey got scared off and made its way up to high high
on top of the coconut tree.

Danny thinking... habis lorr... sie lorr how leh.....?

everybody staring at the monkey holding Danny's mobile...

Francis: "Danny, I got a good idea. I use my handphone and
call your mobile, the monkey surely scared and will throw the
handphone down. You and the others quickly circle beneath
the tree. I walk over the other side to call so as not to frighten
the monkeys."

Danny and friends strained their necks and peeking at the tree.

"Ooi... quickly laa, Francis... call now.... so blady glaring and hot.."

Francis quipped back: "Okie, I am calling now. You all better
watch out now !!!!"

guess what happened.... did Danny retrieve his phone ??
"Oooii Francis ... how ??? what lah, why you laughing there???"

Francis : KAKAKAKAaaaa.... I got reply!!

Can you believe it ........ monkey can talk ???
Hahahhaaaa... have a good weekend everybodi !!!!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Rain, rain falls on the street

mud in puddles I clean my feet

Thunder, thunder rumbles and roars
close the windows, lock all doors

Clouds, clouds black and grey
heavy with water to drop all day

Sun, sun is breaking through
clouds are moving, the rain stops too

Rainbow, rainbow across the sky
seven colours delight my eyes


Sunday, October 08, 2006


There are something unusual about all of these words

Put on your thinking cap and see if you can figure it out.

The answer is below, but dont peek until you've given
it a good shot !








Now see if you can figure out what these words have in

Are you peeking or have you already given up ?

OK.... . here's the answers:

In all of the words listed above, if you take the first letter
and placed it at the end of the word, and then spell the word
backwards, it will be the same word . Is it AMAZING !!!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Hello everibodi! Welcome to 08.15 lehlio steysion!

Hot hot lunchtime news! Tonite is THE NITE for da boys and gals,
bf/gf, lou-gung/lou-por, papa/mama, ah-gung/ah-ma.....

Even if you no celebrate Moon Cake Festival, you can still go and
have a loving look at the moon at 10 pm tonite.... coz the moon will
be at its biggest and roundest tonite (provided no haze la).....
fortune teller can bluff you 10 years 8 years but Dreamie no bluff
you wan...... everi 10 years onli can see this kinda size of moon wor.....

Can park your car somewhere nice to watch or hold hands with your
darling but no kissing or notti things coz the moon so bright, very
easy to be caught by the law!! So, be careful.....

That's all the special announcement now.... It's a date everibodi.....
Dreamie will be watching from above...... kakakakaka......

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hi folks... i have been away from the pc for a while.
Sorry if I blog at snail pace from now on, as towards
the year-end have many important matters to
follow-up and finalize.

After gym, over drinks with my colleagues, Francis prompted
us what sort of qualities one is looking for in a galpren.

1) looks (2) personality ( 3) intelligence

we were asked to pick one out of the 3 choices and next
to list down our preferences in the order of importance...

Guess what was the general consensus ?
Majority , take on (1) looks
Preference (1), (3) (2) !!!!!!!!!..........

wow...... looks so important meh ? ......
I have seen tall, leggy beauties
and also sexy voluptuous babes
but those chubby, cute and adorable .. also nice worr
simple beauty also appealing

With regard to personality, i cant stand those who seem
so nice but the minute she open her mouth to speak
*&^%#$(*&^%$#@ ... that really puts me off .

Intelligence... that one i think can be further developed
and enhanced. Why nid a MBA, she will be so super duper
that will give you no peace of mind. Every actions and your
words will be challenged. Very tiring leh....

I settle for (2) .... must have good personalities, that can
lead to better communications and get connected.
Preference (2) (1) (3) ....

anyone care to share what is yours ?