Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What does it says ?

I took some photos during the holidays and i particularly like the
few above.

Had me wondering why ........



Monday, March 10, 2008



An end is a start of a new beginning.

Yeah !! ... Cheers !!!



Monday, March 03, 2008


Today must put a notation in my blog wan...

I feel so good today, one of those day you feel that you are
blessed. hehheeeee....

Early in the morning, so hungry arrive at office. The minute
I step in , I was greeted by my team mates and was offered a
very special oriental nasi lemak prepared by my staff's mum
it was so ... yum YUMMMY !!!

Next, I work way pass lunch time. My colleague called in to
enquire whether I need to tarpau or not , as they are now
having super duper lunch with a client down town.

My nonchalant response "OK and TQ" was rewarded with
a sumptuous lunch of "sang har yee mee"... Ho HO CHIAK !!!

During breaktime, one of my Branch Manager happened
to drop by for meeting and brought my department
spicy PIZZA and IKEA hot curry puffs ..... WOW !!!

I was without transport, as I sent my car for service.
The Branch Manager so kind as to wait for me and offer
to give me a lift home, even though he has to detour
from his normal route.

NOW I am home at the dot of 6pm.

Today I no nid to spend any money on food at all ... now counting
how much i save leh ? but the bestest is

KAKAKAKAKA... I am so loved wan !!!.... everybodi worry I get enough
to eat wor ?? Is it becos I am too thin, too hensem and good body ...
they want to make me roly poly and no more good looking ???